Best Tips for Computer Maintenance

Computers open up a world of information for us. We can easily connect with other people, organizations and even government bodies through them. We can also find out what the other people or organizations have been up to in recent times. We use them to call our families abroad, to do our accounting, tallying, marketing and other office related work. Besides, computers open up a world of fun, games, and entertainment for us. No wonder then, it is hard to spot a workplace or literate individual without a computer or laptop. Therefore, we believe at Norton technical support, that it is essential for everyone to know the basics of computer care.

Our work and lives are so dependent on computers now, that it is often a big blow to the work process when the computer starts acting up all of a sudden. Besides, every time you need a technician to look into it, it takes both time and money. There are some easy day to day guidelines that you can follow to ensure optimum performance and longevity for your computing devices. The sooner you get into the habit of precisely following them, the better for your computers and laptops. At Norton antivirus support, we bring you some such maintenance tips today.

Switch off your computer when it is not in use

Whenever you are not going to use the computer for a duration of few hours or more, say at end of work every day, switch it off. This saves power and also gives the device some hours to cool off or rest. Even when you are about to move your laptop, shut it down or put it in ‘suspend’ or ‘hibernate,’ before moving the laptop from one place to another. This way the hard drive can ‘spin down,’ saving you from potential data loss. At Norton customer support, we have seen often, a small precaution can go a long way in protecting both device and data.

Do not use alcohol to clean the laptop screen

It is always best to use microfiber or a very soft piece of cloth to clean your LCD screen. Avoid using ammonia, Windex or alcohol as a cleaning substance for your computer screen. Carry the laptop in its case whenever you are traveling with it. Even a minor fall can damage the hard drive, causing loss of all data. In the same lines, one more word of caution, do not leave the laptop inside your car in hot temperature for a long period of time. At Norton activation support, we believe that computers/laptops work best in room temperature (just like you). Avoid placing it in extreme cold or hot temperature.

Keep the laptop away from magnets and magnetic fields

When exposed to extremely strong magnets or magnetic fields, this can result in data loss. So avoid placing the laptop close to strong magnetic fields. Never let the air vents of your computer get blocked. Do not push anything into it. The machine will end up getting overheated. Always see to it, that the computer does not get wet. If it does, unplug from the wall and call your technician. Remember this piece of advice, from our technicians at Norton support, never switch on a wet machine.

All computers and laptops come with CD/DVD writers. Use them to backup all your vital data time to time. This safeguards your data in case of ransomware attacks or any technical error in your PC or laptop.


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